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Fabrication of Optical Components: From Optical Lens Design & Systems Optimization to CNC Diamond Turning/Milling/Drilling/Laser Ablation of Micro-Machined Cylindrical Plastic Processing Molds Used for Manufacturing Optical Films, Lenses and Structured Lighting Sheet/Roll Materials

LentiClear Lenticular Lens, Inc. (dba) Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Company ("JacoTech") is at the forefront of advanced complex machining techniques and provides the global plastics-processing sector with scientific solutions, from research and development to full turn-key production of optically-based cylindrical polymer/plastic roll and sheet materials processing, including the in-house manufacturing of micro-structured optical-quality roll-surface mold component parts used for the managed control of light.

The focus of JacoTech’s custom optical micro-machining engraving business is ultra-precision, computer numerical control (CNC) diamond turning, milling, drilling, fly-cutting and laser ablation processing of cylinders, drums, rolls, mandrels and flat plate molds used to extrude/emboss/cast or calendar plastic and polymer based sheet and roll films and structured light shaped materials.

These optical-grade engraved cylinder/flat plate processing molds contain simple to complex geometrical patterns designed to perform a number of complicated light management control functions. By using its custom-designed, precision large-scaled machining centers sized at 2 and 3 meters wide, JacoTech engraves complex circumferential, circular, and angular, plus other custom hybrid shaped optical patterns into machinable materials such as copper, aluminum, electrolytic and electroless nickel alloys, beryllium copper, brass, gold, and alloys.

Diamond mechanically and laser machined geometries can include plano, spherical, parabolic, general aspheric, toroidal, hyperbolic, elliptical and other exotic cylindrical shapes, including vertical, horizontal, angular and circular patterns or custom hybrid combinations of various structured shapes.

JacoTech also produces cylindrical and flat plate optical molds for (non-imaging) applications such as OLED displays, 3-D & 4-D display monitors, image projection, retroreflective prismatic road/traffic control signs, and custom lens systems for structured lighting devices used with automotive and aerospace to outer space lenses. Fabrication of these in-line direct-machined complex optical molds is intricate but they can be manufactured quickly, usually within 4/5 weeks or less.

Gary A. Jacobsen

CEO/Founder LentiClear Lenticular Lens Inc.

Presented here is a magnified illustration example of the machining steps for creating this four-sided pyramidal structure (1.25 mm height) made by JacoTech.

The illustration example shown above demonstrates a spiral machined element for a pipe lighting lens system application.

Since 2003

Since year 2003, JacoTech located in the Chicago suburban area continues to be an (open commercial job shop welcoming new customers in all industries globally) offering our advanced optical engineering, lens designs, lighting system optimizations and large-scale sized machining services and associated technologies. This fact makes it possible for our optical mold engraving clients to offer their own special interest products to their own markets not made possible before.

In the past and still today, other in-house mold making machine shops owned by the major known lighting and lens film product companies are (closed shops) and are unavailable to the public. The major players do not want to help place new competitors in their marketplace as their patents expire, so they will not accept outside work purchase orders. They remain secretive closed shops only serving themselves.

JacoTech manufacturing services are offered for hire publically, and now level the playing field for new products/brands of private companies to be introduced and enter/compete within the growing huge specialty optical lighting structure and lens film sheet and roll material markets.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon - Specialty large-scaled, ultra high precision tolerance CNC machined part sizes for: Oil & Gas Field Exploratory-Drilling-Production and Liquefied Natural Gas & Transportation (LNG). Huge component parts including: electro-hydraulic control manifolds and valves; CO2 injection well; and enhanced sand control parts including filtration mesh screens and tubing will be offered. In this business, bigger part making capacity is better.


Today, the plastic processing industry continues to seek improvement in lowering its manufacturing costs and maximizing company profit margins by increasing its output on larger sized machinery for higher-volume plastic/polymer products production, such as retroreflective vehicle license plates and road/traffic signage using three/four-sided corner-cube prismatic materials. In one example JacoTech created a unique method of direct engraving precision cubic corner pyramids direct into cylinders that can be used to create prismatic materials in roll web form at full plastic processing machine line speeds. The material manufacturing cost savings of using recent advanced prismatic web roll production vs. prior art of costly and slow injection molding, or slow casting and similar one-by-one piece production methods is quite impressive.

In order to offer "value added to our customers", JacoTech continually "pushes the envelope" to the limits of technology and pattern designs through its own internal testing utilizing small-scale JacoTech laboratory test cylinders.

This ongoing R&D lets JacoTech comply or surpass with the ever evolving international specification standards for optical-based light management products and devices.

customer driven

JacoTech is both scientific and customer driven. In order to support and offer value-added to its customers, JacoTech continually seeks to develop new micro-machining patterns and light management patterned designs to enhance their customer’s plastic processing business, which may include not only imaged lenticular 3D & Motion/Animated lenticular lens displays, but luminaires, structured lighting devices, pipe lighting, specialized automotive/aerospace/outer space lighting components, embossed patterns, reflectors, and many more custom applications.

JacoTech is not simply an engraved cylinder plastic mold supplier, but a leader in creative advanced development being receptive to its customers’ needs, thereby building a mutual trustful partnership in contrast to the typical supplier-customer relationship. Helping to make its customers successful is a primary goal of JacoTech.

striving for perfection

The success of JacoTech has been due to its continual striving for perfection in providing consistent and repeatable quality from one engraved roll to the next engraved roll. As a consequence, JacoTech has a consistent and growing repeat customer base including ISO 9001 and 9002 certified plastics manufacturers.

The company's major presence on the Internet and advertisings placed in major international and domestic plastics processing print publications allows many potential clients to learn about JacoTech, but most of its new business comes from word of mouth, which is the best advertising and compliment in the world.

Continually Evolving

JacoTech is continually evolving and carefully expanding year-to-year as a consequence of new emerging optically-based plastics market opportunities. Since JacoTech is proactive rather than being reactive, it has plans of installing a custom built unique 5.3 meter wide bed cnc engraving and machining center; plus optical plating equipment to support the new massive sized machining center.

Additional sales offices around the globe will be opened through employees and company authorized/approved independent sales agents and global trading companies to help better serve the specialty optical plastic material processing sector and Oil/Gas/LNG industries.

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