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Jacobsen Lenticular Tool Cylinder & Plate Engraving Technologies Co. (JacoTech) of Chicago, Now Offers to R&D Polymer Departments, Optical or Other Custom Engraved Micro Patterned Master "Flat Plates" for Resin Testing & Resin Sheet Sampling of Test Master Molds. JacoTech CNC Diamond Engraves Micro-Machined "Flat Plates" to 8" x 8" Using Our In-House CNC Diamond Turning/Milling Scientific Machining Centers. Optional Drum Parts to 915mm Diameter x 3225mm Wide, Weight to 3.25 Tons.

Unique CNC Micro-Machining of Critical Tolerances Parts for All Industries is Our Specialty. Visit our "CNC Machining" web page today.

Contact Dr. Gary A. Jacobsen, Chief Engineer and Owner for Complimentary Consultation.

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