Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Company


Introducing the LentiClear® Lenticular Lens, Inc. patented and patent pending global wide lenticular technology products and manufacturing systems.

In addition to using these patented and patent pending LentiClear® technologies, sister company, Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Co. (JacoTech) utilizes combinations of proprietary materials and processes, and trade secrets to manufacture the world's best lenticular and other optical specialty extruding cylinders for the plastic industries.

The following full public disclosure will explain why the LentiClear® Lenticular Elliptical Lens is the most advanced, high-performance lenticular lens in the world.

Click here for LentiClear Lens US Patent # 6,833,961 PDF entitled: Pseudo-Elliptically Shaped Tool

Click here for LentiClear Lens US Patent # 6,795,250 B2 PDF entitled: Lenticular Lens Array for Creating a Visual Effect.

Click here for LentiClear Lens US Patent Application Publication entitled: Lenticular Lens Array and Tool for Making a Lenticular Lens Array.

Click here for LentiClear Lens US Patent # 6,741,395 PDF entitled: Elliptically-Shaped Tool

Click here for SPIE-5874-06 PDF entitled: Current Developments in Lens Design and Optical Engineering VI. Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 5874, Paper 5874-06, San Diego, CA (August 2005). "Advances In Lenticular Lens Arrays For Visual Display" (Invited Paper) Authors: R. Barry Johnson, SPIE Fellow and Life Member and Gary A. Jacobsen, SPIE Member

Click here for Lenticular Technical Paper PDF entitled: First Novel Invention of In-line Web Fed Roll Print Manufacturing Production of Animated/Three Dimensional Imaged Print Products Incorporating Advanced Lenticular Transparent Substrates, It's Advantages and the Comparison/Contrast Order Analysis to Prior U.S.P.T.O. Patented Art. A Doctoral Dissertation Presented to the Faculty of the School of Engineering of Kennedy-Western University for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Management — By Gary A. Jacobsen

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